Bit2Bill Tips: Renew an expired order with a new rate.

We have made improvements to our Order system. Bit2Bill users can now renew an expired order.

Thanks to all those who are and have been sending us feedback. We love hearing from you. We have and still are brain storming on thee viability and how we can best incorporate your feature suggestions. Keep those suggestions coming!

How does this help me?

You might have created an order, not completed the payment and now the order has expired. Instead of creating a new order, simply renew the order by clicking the “Renew this Order” button. On renewing an order, the price rate of the relevant Cryptocurrency will be recalculated.

For situations where your order has expired and you have made a partial payment. The “Renew this Order” is very useful. Simply renew the expired order. The outstanding amount of Cryptocurrency is then recalculated. You are now able to make the outstanding payment and complete your order.

Have an improvement or feature suggestion? Contact us we would love to here it!


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