Introducing a public link to allow others to complete your payment.

We have added a new ‘Copy Public Link’ allowing you to send a payment request to anyone. You are now able to complete the Order by sharing only the necessary payment details thereby allowing someone else to make the crypto transaction.

18 April 2018

What is this feature for?

Lets say you have created a new Order. Now you decide that you would like someone else to complete your order by making the cryptocurrency payment from their wallet. That’s where sending a ‘Public Link’ to your order comes in handy.

What does the feature look like?

It starts with a new button called ‘Request payment link’ that has been added to the Track order detail page.

Copy Public Link

By clicking on the ‘Copy Public Link’ you are now able send payment requests to any one allowing them to complete your order.

The link takes the person paying your order to a NEW ‘Payment Request’ page that has your sensitive order information safely hidden. Just the information needed for them to complete the payment is displayed.

Payment Request - Public Link

The ‘Payment Request’ page hides the following Order information.

  • Your email is not displayed
  • Your Banking and BPay details are not displayed.
  • Your Order Number is not displayed.

Ok. So how can you take advantage of this feature?

If you are in a situation where you have someone other than yourself who would like to pay you in cyrptocurrencies. It is really simple. All you need to do is copy the ‘Public Link’ in your ‘Order’ page and send it to them via SMS, Email, Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook or any others.

More feature uses

  • You can accept payments from your friends or customers who want to pay you in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.
  • Share with your friends and complete the crypto payment together.
  • Do your friends like get paid in Australian dollars? No worries! Simply tell them to create an order at Bit2Bill and send you a payment request.

Want to try this out?

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