Launching Bit2Bill eGift Cards -Buy Australian Store eGift Cards using your Cryptocurrencies

Meet the newest edition to the Bit2Bill platform, the ability to purchase eGift Cards using your favorite Cryptocurrencies. eGift Cards are available for many major Australian stores, including Coles, Woolworths, Target, BigW, Princeline and a truck load more.

30 July 2018

Tell me more about Bit2Bill’s eGift Card?

Bit2Bill has partnered with GiftPay to bring you our first Flexi eGift Card . Purchasing a eGift Card using Cryptocurrencies has never been easier. Simply create an Order for an eGift Card, complete the Crypto transfer and all that is left is for you to do, is to choose which shops to spend your eGift Card at.

Sound good? Wait, there is more. With one eGift Card purchase, you can split it’s value and spend at different Australian stores. Lets say you bought a $100 Bit2Bill eGift Card. You could choose to split that into a $50 Cole’s Gift Card and $50 Woolworth’s Gift Card.

When do I receive my eGift Card?

Our eGift Card has speed on it’s side. Log onto Bit2Bill, place an order for your eGift Card. On confirmation of your crypto payment your eGift Card is automatically generated. What this effectively means is that your eGift card will be ready for use in a matter of minutes.


Is my eGift Card Secure?

eGift Cards are securely managed within our Bit2Bill platform. Only a logged in user can view and spend their eGift Cards. Access and view your eGift Cards on your Dashboard as you would any other Order.

Where can I spend my eGift Card?

eGift Cards can be used at any supported Australian store, online or physically in store.  It’s as easy as using the bar code and the pin number shown on your eGift Card page.

The mobile friendly design of the eGift Card’s page allows for easy, any time in-store scanning. Simply put, go to a participating store, take your phone out and scan your eGift Card. It’s that simple.

Purchase your first Bit2Bill eGift Card Now!
Visit our website to Get Started.


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